Energy Simulation

Energy simulation is a computer-based analytical process that helps building owners and designers to evaluate the energy performance of a building and make it more energy efficient by making necessary modifications in the design before the building is constructed. Use of energy simulation software is necessary to show compliance with Indian Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) via “Whole Building Performance Method.”

Energy performance simulation tools allow designers to:

  • Consider the building as a single integrated system
  • Predict thermal behavior of buildings in relation to its outdoor environment
  • Predict the impact of daylight and artificial light inside the building
  • Model the impact of wind pattern and ventilation and assess its effect on energy use
  • Estimate the size/capacity of equipment required for thermal and visual comfort
  • Calculate the effect of various building components on each other and predict resulting conditions and impact on energy use
  • Assess the changes in energy consumption through sensitivity analysis with respect to design changes affecting building geometry and materials, components, systems, etc.

  • (Courtesy: ECBC Tip Sheet)

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