Building Simulation

Building simulation is the process of using a computer to build a virtual replica of a building. In simple terms, the building is built from its component parts on a computer and a simulation is performed by taking that building through the weather conditions of an entire year. In other words, building simulation is a way to quantitatively predict the future and thus has considerable value.

Types of Building Simulation

Building simulation has various types; most prominent are energy simulation, lighting simulation, computational fluid dynamics(CFD) and acoustical simulation.

Advantages of Building Simulation

  • It provides the flexibility to evaluate different alternatives for the same model.
  • The system is dynamic with much better control over experimental conditions.
  • It can compare to other process support techniques.
  • A different performance indicator of a system can be observed and analyzed.
  • It can be used to measure the performance of even a system that is nonexistence.
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